Winter Golf Training Program

You’ve got a problem on your hands, don’t you? Golf courses are shutting down left and right for winter, forcing you indoors and leaving you wondering what sort of winter golf training program to follow this golf off-season to save your game from destruction.

I get it. I was in your shoes when I grew up in Germany. The golf offseason started in November when it would begin snowing and lasted until late March. It can be frustrating to make great strides in your golf game during the golf season only to see it come to an end due to weather. You end up sitting inside all winter, letting your swing digress and your body loses its functionality.

When spring arrives, your golf game is clearly rusty as you’ve reverted back to poor contact on golf shots and three-putting occurs on the greens. You feel like you’ve lost all the progress you made last season and have to waste a few months getting back to where you once were.


For the competitive junior golfer, a year-round coaching program is a must to be able to keep up with the opponents. Over recent years, it has become evident that the better the junior athlete is, the better the junior golf will become. Personalized strength and movement training are having a huge influence on tournament performance which is tested right from the start of the next spring season. You better be ready!

Click here to find out what I have to offer for all clients this winter to set the foundation for your best golf performance next year.



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