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Chris Trunzer

Super passionate golf coach.

He hasn’t just played golf, he has lived golf. Really.


Chris had an outstanding amateur career followed by 12 years playing professional golf all over the globe. On his journey, he has collected triumphs like the 2009 National PGA Championships in Germany, many scars during failures at Q-School for the PGA Tour, mentors who have coached National Teams and world-class pros, experiences like playing a practice round in the 2010 BMW Open with Sir Nick Faldo.


He knows what it means to be the one holding the club, having to make the shot, and knows that things are easier said than done. As much encouraging as a golfer needs, he believes a healthy dose of honesty can go a long way. The only way we can really improve is if we are truly aware of what we need to work on, a role Chris is ready to play for those who are serious about becoming the best golfer they can be.


My golf brain in the palm of your hand.

Progress in your game depends a lot on constant feedback from a coach. Once you have signed up for my program, you can send me your swing updates with questions you might have anytime! I guarantee to answer in detail via Whatsapp within 24h. 


Great companies. Great people.

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