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Do you want to learn how to play golf? Looking to improve those golf basics to take your game from fair to great? Beginner's golf is on the rise and this online course is the perfect kick start. After completing this course you will confidently keep up with any playing partner. Learn the perfect golf swing, how to hit the ball off the ground or high tee, bunker shots, putting & more! Nine modules cover all aspects of the game, including the all-important mental fortitude during a tough round. 

This course is designed and taught by Chris Trunzer, who played as a professional golfer for 12 years, collecting triumphs such as the 2009 National PGA Championship. Chris brings his tenured experience and knowledge gained from National Team mentors and world-class pros into these lessons.

The complete course is available for only CAN $59.  Click the subscribe button below to get started. After signing up, check your spam folder as well in case you didn't get a confirmation email to your inbox. All modules can be watched without expiry.