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You scratch my back - I scratch yours!

Hey there!

So you like my coaching style! Awesome, I'm happy for you. Now here's an opportunity for you to be coached for free or make a little dough. All you need to do is become an ambassador for my "1 MONTH TRAINING" plan. Every time your friends sign up below, I will track your personalized promo code which we can use for free coaching or cash. More birdies or more flowers for your wife, the decision is up to you! If you would like to be part of this sweet program, you should contact me! This is how it works:

1) Tell your friends you're making birdies since you sign up with me

2) Have your friends sign up their email on my website

3) Supply your promo code for $25 off at check out

4) Let me unlock "Golf Drills" for your friends

5) Explain to your friends how the process works

6) Be happy for your friends that they finally keep up with you

7) Let me know if you want free coaching or need to buy flowers

8) Repeat and make more friends

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